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Zam Johnson – Chaos and Style

Maler – Komponist – Musiker

Ausstellungseröffnung im livestream

Live Performance mit Zam Johnson und Paul Schwingenschlögl

20. Mai 2021 – 18 Uhr

Der Kunstverein zeigt am 20.05.2021 Arbeiten des Malers, Komponisten und Musikers Zam Johnson.

Der Künstler über sich und seine Arbeit:

I am always re-inventing myself with my Art an Music.
They can never Categorize me cause i’m about change. Being mostly self taught has been good for me, cause all things are possible . I want to create a Style!! Style is the difference, Style is the answer to everything. A new approach at creating something new. This is what I strive for. As far as Art an Music, I care so much that I don’t care! It means so much to me that I allow myself to fail! I am very simple in my complication an very complicated in my simplicity! When I have an idea for an art piece or music composition, I will stop at nothing to achieve it, because I feel there is nothing given to me an that if I work for it, I will reach my goal. It’s a matter of being open to new possibilities. There is no special tricks involved with creating Art an Music, it’s the amount of thought an work, to make something great! I am as amazed as anyone that I have gotten from here to there .
I have to be very patient with myself an value my individuality and out of my Chaos ultimately I will create Art and Music unique to me an maybe to you!